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Krya After-Sun Face Mask Review

Hello, peeps!

Today, I will be reviewing a product from Krya. If you have just heard about Krya or have not used their products, be rest assured that they are one of the few Indian companies that are amazing! They are vegan, animal-cruelty free  (they don’t test on animals), use recyclable packaging, completely herbal without any toxic chemicals or preservatives in their products. In addition to that, they have listed the ingredients, usage and all other details on their Krya website.

The product, After Sun Face Mask is “Our very first nourishing face mask is a solution to unevenly tanned, weathered and irritated skin that is exposed to the harsh sun and outdoor elements” (SOURCE-from their product description).


Krya After Sun Face Mask
Krya Skin After Sun Face Mask



“It is made from a special batch of medicated mung beans. The mung beans have been pre-soaked in a medicinal decoction of a special Ayurvedic herb, Majishtha, before drying and processing. This pre-process takes us between 3 – 5 days before production, making the Krya calming after sun face mask one of the trickiest and labor intensive products manufactured by us.” (Source their website)

Note: Manjistha is a very good skin care ayurvedic herb. 


I have used quite a few Krya products and all their products come in a brown, sturdy paper-cardboard sort of packaging with beautiful artwork. The powders are packed in plastic. So, I highly suggest you transfer the contents to a glass bottle immediately after it arrives. Glass is non-reactive. Plastic leaches toxic substances in the products you put on them.


My skin tans easily. If you are a shade between golden to caramel, the chances of tanning are highly probable. On a fairer skin tone, the chances of tanning are lower but sunburn is higher. This is due to melanin. The more melanin ( the darker the skin), exposure to the sun makes an increase in production of melanin for protection in darker skin tones.

My skin type is sensitive and tans easily. Although the mask is for everyday usage, I use it only 2-3 times a week. My skin is less blotchy, refreshed, clear and cool to touch after using it. Because I have sensitive skin, I was apprehensive about using this product. But so far, I have not had any redness or breakouts because of using it.

The instructions ask you to mix it with water (I would suggest soft water) and make a thick paste, apply on face and wash off when slightly dry.. Usually, with home-made masks, we leave them for hours. But in my experience, leaving this mask on for a few minutes (for me) until slightly dry works wonders. I have tried leaving them on for longer hours. There is no visible difference, in fact taking it off when slightly dry works better. I would also suggest you to mix it in a glass or ceramic bowl. I use a dry coconut shell which is the best!


Dry Coconut shell
Dry Coconut Shell


Ingredient List

  1. Organic but not certified – Rosemary, Heritage Mung bean, Moringa, Neem, Peppermint
  2.  Wild crafted (forest collected) – Indian madder, Indian liquorice, Chebulic myrobalan, Indian sarsaparilla  ( Source, their website)

Krya After Sun Face Mask Ingredients


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