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Krya After-Sun Face Mask Review

Looking for a chemical free, herbal face mask for your skin that has weathered the harsh sun and dirt all day? Look, no more. Check out Krya’s After Sun Face Mask!

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Here’s Why Patanjali Products Are Not Ayurvedic

Patanjali products are not herbal. In a casual review of their product Kesh Kanti Anti dandruff shampoo, I could find more than four chemicals that causes cancer, nerve damage while being environmentally unsustainable.


Kanhaiya: The Face Of India’s New Political Movement

What do you think a 25-year-old in India does? Work, discuss the latest movies, PeeCee in Hollywood or some other distracting thing to get their mind off work or college exams. But, politics is not one of them. Why? Simply because the idea of discussing politics is relegated to the old or maybe Bengalis who… Continue reading Kanhaiya: The Face Of India’s New Political Movement