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(Video) Flaxseed Gel For Soft And Healthy Skin And Hair


I have stopped using all cosmetics including SPF, moisturizer, cleanser, toner and various other cosmetic beauty things that every magazine screams you must buy.

Apart from having various health conditions that threw my skin condition off balance, no amount of expensive cream could rectify this. I started using flaxseed gel for around a month and my skin is much better.

(I have oily skin and am prone to scratch my face in irritation, so I had weird rashes. Flaxseed gel tends to absorb the natural moisture in the skin, keeps it locked and forms a sort of barrier- keeping your skin and hydrated)

If you want naturally curly or wavy hair, this gel helps to make the hair even better and hold your curls better. I have straight hair, but it works amazing well for that too

Flaxseed gel for hair

Apply it on the 3rd or 4th day (after your day of hair wash). The hair should be slightly damp and not wet. Apply from scalp to roots and let it hair dry.  You could blow dry it but since we are trying natural methods, I would suggest air drying 🙂

Flaxseed gel for skin

Wash your face, pat dry and apply away!

Flaxseed Gel For Soft And Healthy Skin And Hair Video Tutorial

I frequently reuse things. So this time I made the flaxseed gel reusing an old batch that I had freezed. You can do the same, it doesn’t make a difference. It looks like a block when it is frozen (shown in picture below).


Quick recap: I used the frozen flaxseed, added them directly in boiling water. It takes around 5-8 min on medium heat for the flaxseed gel/water to reach a required viscosity. But do not overheat it!! The ratio of water and flaxseeds are 2:1

Quick recap: You can let the gel cool, but I am too impatient. Strain it with a thin muslin/cheesecloth. You can use a sieve too. Extract all the gel. Add your choice of essential oil. I used argan oil here. I have previously used Lavender (smells wonderful, great for relaxing nerves and calming irritated skin and scalp). Mix. Store in an airtight container. Don’t throw away the flaxseeds, reuse it the next time!

The gel stores well in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. But please store it in a glass and airtight containers (I recommend Glasslock, available on flipkart)

So there you go, let me know how this worked for your skin!

You can always get in touch with me at for questions!


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