A welcome post for me and you

Writing translates so many boundaries. It’s probably the single most unique way we have found to connect to each other and be vulnerable, grow and evolve. Writing is so close to my heart; almost a natural translation to my insatiable reading instincts. But it is countered by an immense need to be private, almost anonymous. This has caused maybe (mistrust) to some people that I was close with at a certain point of time. Of course, I defended the need and the right to be so- to call that individual freedom and I still do. For someone who had social anxiety, to form relationships was extremely difficult. To have them broken was painful and the recovery continues even today. This post will be the beginning of understanding myself. This blog is singularly dedicated to myself. The struggles, pain and confusion that I am able to overcome everyday happens because of some wonderful people in my life. The first is my husband. This blog is a literary dedication for him. We have grown together and discovered much. The purging of anger, hatred and confusion happens everyday but I know this path will lead us to a better place. There are other people who have immensely contributed to me. Further posts will highlight their love and forgiveness which helped me. This blog will sing the songs of gratitude, love and forgiveness with an occasional zealous opinion of certain issues. Fear not as I am always open for discussion even for a viewpoint that is opposite to mine. Looking forward to discuss so much more and hello, world!


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